Our approach to sustainability can be summed up in one phrase: doing the right thing – by our people, as a business, and in our world. This means acting in a safe, ethical manner in everything we do.

“At GKN, we aim to have a positive effect on all the many stakeholders and communities with which we interact. At its heart, our collective behaviour relies on GKN people doing the right thing.

Anne Stevens, Chief Executive GKN plc

Our people

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At GKN, doing the right thing by our people means promoting a safe working environment, respecting the rights of others, developing our employees, encouraging a diverse workforce and building an environment where people feel comfortable speaking up if they see behaviour which is wrong.

 This approach helps GKN develop an outstanding team – recruiting the very best talent and creating a workforce of engaged colleagues around the world.

Our people

Our business

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We believe in building a high performance business and are committed to delivering safe, high quality products and services.

We also believe in creating a culture of continuous improvement across GKN, applying the Lean Enterprise model to everything that we do. While we want to win in business, we must do so fairly, and the GKN Code requires honest and proper conduct from all GKN employees. We also expect the same from our suppliers and other business partners. 

Our business