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Our designers are finding creative ways to take advantage of powder metallurgy (PM) technologies to make hydrogen a viable resource to replace fossil fuels.

If the world continues to emit 34 Gt of CO₂ year by year, global warming will exceed 2°C by 2050. This number is going to increase the need for renewable energy production and better storage capabilities. Using hydrogen for energy storage is one of the opportunities and PM’s ability to create new alloys and increase surface area make it suitable for solid-state hydrogen storage.

This technology can be used to power forklifts, residential homes and other industries. In addition, PM also works on electrolyzers for hydrogen production and fuel cells by producing porous titanium and stainless steel plates. There are many applications PM could work its way into as the technology grows. Currently most PM parts are ferrous, but non-ferrous metals are expecting an accelerated growth from 2015 to 2020. This could reduce prices, increasing the return on investment for a host of innovative solutions.

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