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Powder Metallurgy (PM) often works behind the scenes in many consumer goods like smartphones, lawn mowers or refrigerators. We improve products people use every day without anyone knowing. Did you know that energy efficiency of refrigerators has been improved dramatically also by using PM parts like valve plates, pistons, connecting rods, bearings and bushings. The same applies for air conditioner compressors.

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GKN supplies powder metal precision components into

  • Appliances: Planetary gear box, carriers, gears, ePump/axial flux motor components
  • Consumer electronics: Soft magnetic parts, housings, micro-gears
  • 2,3, & 4 wheeled vehicles: Soft magnetic composite motor components, sprockets, valve seat and guide, cam system, oil pumps, cam change drums, gear shifters, drive gears, and shock absorber components.

Many of these sintered PM components are used as well in other market applications, such as automatic awning systems, shutters, lawn and garden.