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Powder Metallurgy (PM) often works behind the scenes in many consumer goods like smartphones, lawn mowers or refrigerators. We improve products people use every day without anyone knowing.

When most people hear additive manufacturing, they often think of3D printing. The truth is that PM technology has been improving products long before the 3D printing boom. Products are getting more powerful and smaller - even if the appliance's size remained the same.

For example, the cost of electricity to run a refrigerator from the 70s has been reduced by 98 percent, compared to one made after 2008. Part of this improvement is from refrigerator compressor parts using PM for valve plates, pistons, connecting rods, bearing, and bushings. In addition, these parts are also improving air conditioner compressors.

Other places people might not expect to find PM parts are:

  • Appliances: Planetary gear box, carriers, gears, ePump/axial flux motor components
  • Consumer electronics: Soft magnetic parts, housings, and micro-gears
  • 2,3, & 4 wheeled vehicles: Soft magnetic composite motor components, sprockets, valve seat and guide, cam system, oil pumps, cam change drums, gear shifters, drive gears, and shock absorber components

Many of these parts are used in more markets, such as automatic awning systems, shutters, lawn and garden.

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