Currently, about 80 percent of PM parts go into automotive applications. While the majority of the PM automotive market is still ferrous metals, lighter materials like aluminum are expected to accelerate growth as lightweighting demands increase.

With demand for lighter and stronger parts, powder metallurgy (PM) is one process that is dynamic enough to generate new alloys to keep up with the challenging requirements of the automotive market. 

PM is already increasing performance and reducing weight in:

  • Pump systems: Variable oil, vacuum, and G-rotor pumps
  • Body and Chassis: Shock absorber components, and EPS steering pulleys
  • Engine: Variable Valve Timing (VVT) components, and Valve train / Roller finger follower
  • Transmission/ Drivetrain for Hybrid and EV: eDrive, and differential Gearing
  • Electric Systems: Solenoids for flow valves, Actuators for closures, and Auxiliary eMotor components

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