Electric driveline solutions

The electric driveline leader

The electric driveline leader
The GKN integrated co-axial eAxle on the XC90 meets strict packaging and performance requirements

GKN Driveline pioneered the development of high-performance electric driveline systems. With more than 300,000 electric axle drives produced to date, GKN’s experience is unmatched.

As a full system integration partner, GKN technology helps automakers rewrite the rules on electric propulsion and performance. Our all-wheel drive expertise enables our development teams to deliver compelling electric AWD and pure electric driving experiences.

Lighter, more compact, higher torque and with more functionalities built in, GKN's electric driveline technologies offer the most effective way to electrify our customers' vehicles.

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Why GKN Driveline

GKN has proven award-winning electric driveline technologies on the road today. 

From hybrid supercars to vehicles that electrify the family commute, automakers choose to work with GKN because we deliver. GKN's electric driveline systems feature on groundbreaking vehicles such as the BMW i8, Porsche 918 Spyder, Mitsubishi Outlander and Volvo XC90.

Electric driveline solutions

Proven Technologies

Drivers of electrified vehicles expect and demand silence, presenting unique challenges when developing electric driveline systems.

GKN's technologies make the car feel great to drive, but it's our systems integration expertise that creates the quality holistic driving experience. We know our systems should be felt, but not heard.  

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Systems Integration

Software is the brain of our electric driveline systems and automakers know GKN has the programming experience and expertise to deliver.

Our software development capability, aligned with our deep mechanical systems knowledge, defines the way a vehicle drives and optimises complete vehicle performance. 

GKN’s software engineering

Software expertise

Electric is no longer niche. Automakers are developing electric and hybrid vehicles across the globe at an accelerating rate and they require a driveline partner that can deliver locally.  

GKN has the global engineering and manufacturing capability to deliver electric driveline programmes where our customers need us, sharing knowledge and resource from across the company to deliver the right solutions.

Global network

Global capability

Electric driveline solutions

Electric driveline solutions

GKN offers a comprehensive range of electric driveline technologies and systems. 

From full electric vehicles to plug-in hybrids, our electric axles and transmissions help deliver the power from the electric motor to the road in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

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