GKN’s all-wheel drive solutions

We are reinventing all-wheel drive

We are reinventing all-wheel drive
The Twinster in the Ford Focus RS delivers dynamic cornering and handling

GKN is the full systems all-wheel drive integration partner global automakers trust. 

With complete vertical integration, GKN is the only supplier that can design, engineer, manufacture, optimize, package and integrate a complete all-wheel drive system in-house. Global automakers partner with GKN to deliver the right brand characteristics for their vehicle.

Our advanced all-wheel drive systems deliver on a completely different level, intelligently directing power to the wheels at the right time. As the pioneers in compact, lightweight all-wheel drive active connect systems, GKN helps automakers stay ahead of evolving market demands and new fuel efficiency requirements.

From halo programmes to mainstream models, GKN delivers all-wheel drive performance that impresses on every level. 

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Why GKN Driveline

GKN is the only Tier 1 supplier that can design, develop and manufacture a complete all-wheel drive system in-house. 

From the CV Joint System to the torque vectoring Final Drive Unit, including all the software, GKN can supply every element of an all-wheel drive system and tune it to deliver a brand-aligned driving experience. Our flexible, modular approach enables our customers to find the right solution and performance for their vehicle.

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Full systems expertise

Our unique capabilities in mechanical and software control allows us to define how a vehicle drives.

GKN has proven ability to integrate the complete all-wheel drive system, embracing package, weight, performance and cost requirements. Customers trust GKN to deliver the performance they require.

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Systems integration

GKN's software capabilities enable us to produce distinct drives for two vehicles that are underpinned by an identical all-wheel drive mechanical system. 

Whether our customers want a vehicle with great off-road performance, dynamic track handing or just reassuring city road traction, our software engineers are able to deliver the brand-aligned performance required. 

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Software expertise

All-wheel drive demand is growing in all global automotive markets as drivers value the traction and performance it delivers. 

GKN has all-wheel drive manufacturing facilities in all global regions, meaning we can deliver on major all-wheel drive programmes worldwide.  We also have the engineering resource and know-how locally, ensuring cars can be developed specifically for their destined markets. 

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Global capability

AWD solutions

AWD solutions

GKN Driveline offers a comprehensive range of all-wheel drive technologies and systems, helping deliver appropriate power to the wheels intelligently in all scenarios. 

For exceptional track dynamics, reassuring on-road stability or robust off-road performance, GKN can provide the right all-wheel drive solution.  

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