Rome E-Prix



Formula E will electrify the Italian streets for the first ever street race in Rome this April.

The newly-designed track follows parts of the unused F1 circuit layout which had been proposed for the 2012 Rome Grand Prix, but never came to pass. The new addition to the Formula E track roster will take place in the Esposizione Universale Roma financial district, a Roman district originally developed for the 1942 world fair.

Clocking in at a lengthy 2.86km, the Circuto Cittadino dell’EUR is the second longest track (after Marrakesh) we have yet seen in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship. Nelson Piquet Jr. electrified the streets of Rome in the I-TYPE 2 late last year to launch the Rome E-Prix, commenting that the lengthy, technical course will be a challenging but special race.

The circuit

When: 14th April 2018
Track length: 2.86km
No. of turns: 21
Season 3 Winner: N/A
Season 3 Lap record: N/A
Track direction: Anti-clockwise
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City guide

Whilst it is estimated that the colosseum could hold up to 80,000 spectators in its hay day, which made it the largest amphitheater ever created, it is now one of the busiest tourist attractions in Rome.

Around 4,000,000 people a year flock to witness what remains such an architectural triumph, even amongst the high standards of the modern skyscrapers that are being created today. The colosseum remains high on many a bucket list, and is something that must be seen when visiting Rome.

The Vatican City is a country in itself, which lies within Rome. With a population of around 1000, the Vatican City is officially the smallest state in the World, by both area and population.

Do not let the Vatican’s size put you off however, with sights within the Vatican such as St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine chapel to name a few, you will be wowed when turning around every corner when traversing the ancient streets of this country within a city.

A canon is fired from Gianicolo Hill each day at noon, which can be heard throughout the city of Rome on a quiet day. 

Whilst this is an impressive spectacle in itself, the views offered from the west of the City are unrivaled. Gianicolo hill is not considered to be one of the famous Seven Hills of Rome, yet it still offers panoramic views that stretch right across the city, which are worth the trip in itself. 

Whilst the hustle and bustle of the Roman Forum and Trevi Fountain may be too much for some, the Appia Antica offers a more relaxed escape.

It is recommended to hire a bicycle and cycle through time, as the park is home to a number of ancient relics. Whilst some may view this activity as a peaceful alternative, the park is also home to some interesting tourist attractions, such as the catacombs of Rome and the Villa of the Quintilii.

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