Berlin E-Prix



Now a mainstay on the Formula E calendar, the sport returns to the German capital for another electrifying race this May.

The Berlin track has changed over the years, starting at Tempelhof airport, and moving to a street circuit along Karl-Marx-Allee for Season 2. The track has returned to the Flughafen Tempelhof circuit ever since, a specially designed circuit at the airport just a few miles south of the city centre. The track has changed over the seasons, reducing the number of turns and re-profiling the layout as the Formula E racers have become quicker and more efficient. The airport location is likely to mean the track will be slightly wider than other races on the calendar, leaving the drivers a little more margin for error.

The circuit

When: 19 May 2018
Track length: 2.27km
No. of turns: 10
Season 3 Winner: Felix Rosenqvist, Sebastien Buemi
Season 3 Lap record: Mitch Evans - 1:10.224, M Engel - 1:09.509
Track direction: Anticlockwise

About the circuit

Every track on the Formula E roster has its quirks, and the Tempelhof circuit is no different.

The concrete surface here is particularly abrasive. On the very first turn, a long straight leading into one of the longest corners of the season necessitates simultaneous heavy braking and turning. This generates high g-forces in both transverse and longitudinal directions on the tyres, leading to some serious heating. During the race thermal management will be crucial to maintain performance.

Turn 9 provides the best chance for overtaking on the track. With two longer straights leading in and out of it, and a variety of possible driving lines preventing natural blocking, we should see some really interesting overtaking maneuvers here.

Last season’s race provided EMOTION club ticket holders with seats inside a tunnel the track goes through, and there is every indication this will be available again this year. The structure provides fans with unbelievably close views of the race. If there was ever time to splash out and upgrade your ticket, now’s the time!

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City guide

The Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer, otherwise known as the Berlin Wall memorial, runs for 1.4km along the original Berlin Wall.

Whilst the wall may have once marked the division between the two halves of the city, the memorial is now one of the most visited tourist attractions in Berlin. The memorial is now home to a number of information points, which will talk you through the fascinating history of the border and how it once shaped the lives of the residents of Berlin.

The Berlin Wall

Running straight through the heart of the city of Berlin, River Spree cruises will take in some of the most famous landmarks in the City.

Expect to see the likes of Reichstag, Berlin Cathedral and Bellevue Palace to name but a few. With Berlin becoming busier and busier in recent years, with tourists travelling from around the World to take in everything the City has to offer, a boat tour offers a completely different perspective of the City.

River Spree Boat Tour

It will come as no surprise that the Reichstag is the 2nd most visited tourist attraction in Germany, with its impressive neo-baroque design and majestic dome.

Whilst the Reichstag may be famed more recently for being the seat of German parliament, the roof of the building is accessible to the public, and offers a dynamic view of the city. As well as the views, the roof of the Reichstag is also home to the dome, now one of the more prominent landmarks in the City.

Visit the Reichstag

Whilst the Mauerpark may be a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of Berlin during the week, each and every Sunday, the park becomes the beating heart of the City.

On a Sunday, the park is taken over by the popular flea market, which can become very busy with both tourists and locals. As well as its many stalls, the market also becomes home to a number of cafes and even Karaoke, which is held in the park’s Amphitheatre!

Relax in the Mauerpark

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