GKN is the original driveline innovator. Decade after decade, GKN ingenuity has driven new vehicle concepts off the production line. Platform by platform, our innovations will put more advanced drivelines in the fast lane.

GKN invented the CV Joint System for the first Mini, enabling a compact transverse engine layout that revolutionized car design. We have since equipped more than hundreds of millions of vehicles worldwide with successive generations of the technology.

GKN is also the world’s most advanced all-wheel drive (AWD) system supplier. Our intelligent, adaptive drivelines and technologies manage the torque in the majority of the world’s most sophisticated AWD vehicles.

GKN’s systems integration and mass-production capabilities are now driving the global development of higher performance electric driveline systems for global platforms. More than 300,000 vehicles on the road already use GKN electric axles to make hybridization and e-mobility a reality today, and we are working on developing systems that are lighter, smaller yet deliver more power and functionality.

The eTwinster, for example, is bring torque vectoring capability to electric and hybrid vehicles, making these cars more desirable for drivers that appreciate true vehicle dynamics. This system combines GKN's AWD and electric driveline experience, setting us apart from the competition. 

The future is already circling our proving grounds in Europe, North America and Asia: innovation to power new architectures; software and hardware to take vehicles to the next level; a team focused on giving global strategies momentum.

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