Research and Development

At GKN Driveline, innovation is a continuous process of producing state-of-the-art driveline technologies for mass production. GKN’s research and development (R&D) process produces systems that enable automakers to realize their vision for new vehicle concepts. 

The company’s technology roadmap looks beyond immediate market requirements, assessing the impact of social, economic and technological trends on personal mobility, vehicles and drivers. This focus on real long-term requirements enables GKN to be first-to-market with more effective solutions.

GKN’s global R&D network brings together broad, international teams of specialists from across the organisation, leveraging diverse skills and experience. GKN’s technical strength comes from its ability to advance manufacturing processes, materials, system design and software control advance together.

Close development partnerships with customers ensure new technologies are production-ready sooner. The results are complete driveline systems and technologies that deliver the fundamentals at a higher level; intelligent all-wheel drive systems that deliver better driving experiences; and electric drive systems that help make future mobility more sustainable and exciting.

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