GKN Structures is a specialist in the design, development and manufacture of structural assemblies for the automotive and off-highway market, supplying equipment for agriculture, construction, defence, rail and mass transit applications.  Our product range covers full chassis frames, front and rear sub-frames, cross members, suspension arms, control arms, rear non-driven axles, steel and aluminium panels and assemblies and cast aluminium wheels.

Structures Capabilities

We have been producing direct squeeze cast (liquid metal forgings) products for the over 30 years, the process having initially been developed to produce military wheels for the Warrior AFV. Producing high-integrity, defect-free castings, the process has also been used to cast components such as piston heads, cylinder liners, brake callipers, missile cones and automotive suspension components.

Liquid Metal Forgings

We have a dedicated, fully-running press shop with presses ranging from 600T to 2,250T, capable of working with coil and sheet metal, steel and aluminium with varying material thicknesses. We also offer robotic transfer presses for 2,000T, offering larger capacity and lower cost tools for aluminium-intensive production.


As a leading chassis and structural assembly manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience, we make structures for a number of industries, from high volume automotive to lower volume agricultural vehicles. With in-house press shop, assembly and E-coat paint facilities, we are able to make the complete chassis in-house and so provide a durable, high-quality product with over 1,000 hours’ salt spray protection.

Subframes and Chassis
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