GKN is fully committed to high standards of corporate governance and supports the principles of the UK Corporate Governance Code.

GKN and Governance

GKN and Governance

We believe that good governance is essential for GKN to support sustainable growth and provide long term shareholder value. 

To help us achieve these objectives we have a robust governance framework that promotes an effective and diverse Board, sets the operational and behavioral standards of the Group and aligns the actions of management with the interests of shareholders.

Further details of our governance framework, together with a description of how GKN has applied the principles of the Code, can be found in the Governance section of our latest annual report.

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Directors' Remuneration

Directors' Remuneration

The Remuneration Policy is required to be put to a binding shareholder vote at least once every three years. 

Our current Remuneration Policy, as shown in the attachment below, was approved by shareholders at the 2017 AGM. All payments by GKN to a prospective or current Director and all payments for loss of office to a current or former Director must be made in accordance with the terms of this Policy unless such payments are approved by a shareholder resolution.

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Payment to Former Directors

Articles of Association


Download GKN's current articles of association, as adopted by shareholders at the 2010 AGM.

Internal control

Our governance and risk framework synchronises information and activity across our governance, risk management and compliance functions and enables us to identify, measure, monitor and respond to risk whilst avoiding wasteful overlaps.

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