Manually Adjustable Variable Track (MAVT) Wheels

Introduced to the market in 1999, with annual sales of over a quarter of a million units, this is a well proven adjustable track wheel for agricultural vehicles. Used globally by major agricultural equipment manufacturers, the MAVT wheel incorporates design features that make it the most capable, adjustable wheel on the market today.

Wheels are available with either round or square discs, depending on application load. In each case, the fixing pattern is adjusted to provide the optimal load distribution. All MAVT wheels can operate at speeds in excess of 50 kph.

A continuously welded flange ring joins the bolted centre disc to the rim. This constant cross section ring ensures even distribution of load between the rim and the disc. This is an essential requirement to minimise stresses in critical bolted and welded joints. It promotes high fatigue life by providing a structurally efficient joining structure.

The wheel disc is fastened to the flange ring using a series of specially developed bolts and spacers.

These provide two key benefits:

  • Increased bolt stretch. The spacer allows a longer bolt to be used than would be the case if the offsets were provided by a shaped disc or flange ring alone. The longer the bolt that is used, the more stretch that can be developed in the fixing. This additional stretch provides a significant increase in the resistance of the bolt to loosening during service.
  • 16 offset positions. The spacer can be repositioned with respect to the disc and wheel rim to achieve 16 wheel offsets.