3-piece & 5-piece wheels

Based on our experience in the industry, coupled witth extensive laboratory and field tests, it has been possible to re-engineer the traditional 5 piece construction rim to create an alternative 3 piece product.

Changing from a 5 piece to a 3 piece rim offers cost and performance benefits which have resulted in this type of wheel becoming the industry standard in some sectors.

With the driver on the outside, there is always a risk of damage (or even destruction) as a result of stone impacts and aggressive conditions. An inside driver is completely protected from such hazards.

When the driver is on the outside, wheel components must be adjusted to the correct position after the tyre is partly inflated to ensure the driver is also positioned correctly.

However with a driver on the inside, tyre mounting is safer as the driver is in place before the tyre is inflated.

Wheels with the driver on the inside are also lighter and more stable. Please contact us for further information on our construction wheels product offering.

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