Hubs & spindles

GKN Wheels manufactures a range of customised hubs and spindles for off-highway machinery. These have capacities from 500lbs (227 kg) to 50,000lbs (22,680 kg). Bent and straight spindles can be fully customised to specified dimensions. Cultivation, straddle and standard designs are available with a range of bolt configurations.

The range includes the world’s largest hub and spindle – weighing 200lb (90 kg) and with a load-bearing capacity in excess of 50,000lbs (22,680 kg). It is ideal for single-axle vehicles carrying out heavy duty applications, such as grain carts, slurry wagons and towed scrapers. The hub can be fully customised, with an option to include disc brake components if required.

GKN hubs range

  • 500lbs (363) to 50,000lbs (22,680 kg)
  • 4 bolts up to 20 bolts
  • Material: grade 30 gray cast or ductile cast

Hubs are sold complete with bearings, seals hub caps and nuts. They can also be supplied machined and cupped only or in assembled and greased hub and spindle units.

They are designed for use in agricultural implements, wagons, grain carts, slurry tanks, balers and mowers.

Separate components (e.g. cups, bearings, seals, hub caps, stud bolts, wheel bolts, nuts) are also available as replacement parts.

GKN spindles range

  • 1 1/4" to 6” diameter
  • Full line to complement all hubs
  • Spindle material: 1045 cold drawn steel

Straight or bent spindles are available in any length, in increments of 1/8”. They can be supplied complete with spindle, washer, castle nut and cotter pin, or as plain spindles only.

Complete greased and assembled hub and spindle units are also available.