GKN Wheels is a leading manufacturer of single piece fixed and adjustable wheels suitable for tractors, combines, towed agricultural implements and trailed applications.

Supplied globally to major agricultural OEMs and integrators, our wheel range includes products designed for driven and trailed applications as well as specialist applications such as dual tyre applications. GKN Wheels’ experience in the sector means that the Manually Adjustable Variable Track wheel (MAVT) has become an industry standard and the innovative new Profi-fit wheel, which combines enhanced durability with reduced weight, is quickly becoming a globally recognised solution. As part of its continuous improvement programme, GKN Wheels introduced the TH2 and Profi-line rim, which sets new standards for load capacity at high speeds.

GKN's wheels are designed and studied using computer simulation (Finite Element Analysis), with field experience then confirming rim capabilities. Main benefits are strength and durability, easier wheel change and tyre fitting, reduced weight and performance under challenging load capacity.

All GKN’s wheels have a well-proven protective paint finish as standard. This comprises an electro-coat primer and high quality top coat. Wheels can also be supplied fully galvanized.

The product range for tractors and combines includes diameters from 15” to 54” and widths from 7” to 30”.

Our comprehensive portfolio of towed agricultural implement wheels includes diameters from 15” to 42” and widths from 7” to 28” in standard W, DW and TW rim profiles.

Irrigation wheels are available in diameters from 24” to 38” and widths from 8” to 15”.

Tractor, combine and implement wheels are manufactured in the UK, Denmark, Italy and USA. Irrigation wheels are manufactured in USA.