GKN Aerospace gains Boeing production contract for 747-8 and 787 thrust links

30/11/2010 00:00

GKN Aerospace has been awarded a multi-year production contract to supply lightweight titanium thrust links for the Boeing 747-8 and for both engine variants of the Boeing 787.
Working alongside Boeing, GKN Aerospace has developed advanced welding techniques that have enabled the production of these close tolerance welded titanium structures.  The Company is investing in a dedicated production cell sited at its El Cajon, CA, operation which will undertake the manufacture of these items. In addition, thrust link end fittings are being machined at the Company’s Mexicali site in Mexico - a low cost, highly skilled facility that is at the heart of GKN Aerospace’s ability to deliver highly competitive quality products to its customers.
Mike Beck, GKN Aerospace CEO of Propulsion Systems & Special Products comments: "Our expertise in the complex manufacture of titanium structures and our ability to place work packages within our machining centre in Mexico means we are able bring the significant performance, weight and cost benefits of welded titanium structures to our customer base."
Already this year GKN Aerospace has announced USD multi-million business wins for manufacturing propulsion system components in titanium and other exotic metals for Pratt and Whitney, GE and Rolls-Royce.   A significant element of this work will take place at the El Cajon, CA facility where the Company offers world-leading electron beam welding and precision machining and fabrication expertise.