Hydraulic brake calliper


  • High degree of protection (IP 54)
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple and fast replacement of high wear resistant brake linings
  • Unvaryingly large release path
  • Large wear reserves
  • High thermal capacity and good heat dissipation
  • Mechanical release through central release screw

Function and application

Disc brakes functioning as operating or emergency stop brakes are used to brake safely loads on hoists, trolleys, and winches. Both the electromagnetic and hydraulic versions present convincing advantages in the form of large and unvarying braking torques, little maintenance and storage work, low space requirements, and very short, stable engaging times.

In the event of a break in the kinematic chain (for molten or radioactive material), emergency stop brakes must engage and execute emergency lowering when faults occur in other braking systems and/or the lowering speed exceeds the rated value by greater than 10%.


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