Results and presentations

During the course of the year, particularly at the time of financial results announcements, presentations are made by senior management to a variety of audiences including analysts and institutional shareholders.

Where these contain new information which is of interest and relevant to all shareholders they are posted on this section of the website at the same time as the presentation is being made.

For associated press releases, please see investor news.

GKN Overview Presentation PDF (1,456K)
Presentations to Analysts and Investors
Berenberg European Conference USA, Tarrytown - 20 May 2015 PDF (1,319K)
Management Dinner with Analysts - GKN Powder Metallurgy - 6 May 2015 PDF (2,893K)
BoAML Global Industrials & EU Autos Conference - 18 March 2015 PDF (952K)
Site Visit - GKN Aerospace Filton and Western Approach, UK - 10 February 2015 PDF (4,220K)
Site Visit - GKN Driveline Birmingham, UK - 28 January 2015 PDF (3,149K)
Site Visit - UBS visit to China - 15 January 2015 PDF (5,552K)
Trading Statement
GKN Trading Statement – 6 May 2015 PDF (100K)
GKN Trading Statement – Conference Call Recording – 6 May 2015 WAV (12,445K)