Metal Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing enables completely new thinking in material, design and manufacturing.

We are an expert in metal powder, combining knowledge with years of experience in the sinter processes.GKN offers a broad range of experience in developing AM processes and technologies that enables us to start the industrialisation of AM into automotive, industrial and aerospace.

Key achievements

  • Unique powder-to-part value chain
  • Material characterisation
  • Freeform designs with integrated functionality
  • FEA and topology optimisation


Design for additive manufacturing

Based on a series of long-term material analysis and a strong simulation competence, GKN is enabled to optimize the structure of the components to create the lowest weight with the highest stability.

TO is based on several approximation steps, precisely adapting the design on the respective technical requirements. For example, GKN created a highly effective rocker lever for alightweight application. The design is based on two loading conditions. The calculation results in a lightweight part within the mechanical requirements of the application depending on the fatigue material properties and calculated stresses.

Solving your challenges

GKN Powder Metallurgy offers tailored powder solutions for a broad range of additive processes. Our materials match customer's demand for consistency and purity. 

We precisely control particle size and alloy blends that  ensures customers a uniform sintering or melting process. GKN uses gas or water-atomized powder to control the environment and further increase part performance when using the AM process.

One of the key resources to unfold the full potential of Additive Manufacturing will be found in the imagination and creativity of the engineer.  

We help engineers create the most valuable solution for our customers' applications. Our service includes in-house trainings, an instant quoting tool, AM engineering services, FEA design, topology optimisation, and monolithic design support.

GKN’s strategy is not to compete with existing prototyping businesses. Our main focus in process development is to increase productivity of AM machines and industrialize post-processing by using our long history of automotive experience. 

This leads automatically into a higher flexibility in working on individual batch sizes, shorter lead times and process excellence in our global manufacturing network for automotive customers.

The digitisation of our products and processes opens new horizons. Data is always available and will enable us to control and support changing customer requirements in real time. 

Creating predictive decisions will reduce downtimes. Furthermore, it will allow any unavoidable downtime to be scheduled when it will have the least impact on production. We will combine our process knowledge with the latest Industry 4.0 software tools to create an innovative ecosystem and provide a best-in-class process environment.

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