In June 2011 GKN set up a joint venture with EVO-Electric, a UK pioneer in advanced electric drive solutions. The new business, called GKN EVO eDrive Systems, is manufacturing and selling drive systems and electric machines based on axial flux motor technology for use in hybrid and all-electric vehicles.

Axial flux machines have inherent benefits over conventional radial flux machines, such as higher torque and power densities due to better utilisation of the electromagnetically active material but have been held back by complex design and manufacturing problems.

GKN Driveline's axial flux machines are ideally suited for applications where high power and torque need to be balanced against low weight and volume.

While we are constantly striving to push the boundaries of the possible we have a strong focus on making products that deliver what we promise: durability, efficiency and high performance.

These units are ideal for applications as conventional traction motors, as integrated starter generators (ISG) and as generators for range extended electric vehicles (REEV).


  • Very high torque and power density
  • Low cogging torque
  • Integrated resolver for rotor position feedback
  • Liquid cooling for enhanced performance
  • Through shaft and customised versions available