Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for a job?
To apply directly, please visit our website- and search for our Graduate vacancies under the Engineering careers section.
Alternatively, for more details please email
Do I need to submit a covering letter?

By submitting a covering letter it will give you the chance to state exactly what area you would like to work within and also show us what your career motivations are. We always advise all our applications to submit a covering letter, as it gives as a clearer idea of your background aside from your qualifications and work experience.
What degree disciplines do you recruit from?

We look for graduates within degrees from the following disciplines:
  • Aerospace and other related areas
  • Electronic and Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
How can I check on the progress of the application? 
You can send an email to the Graduate Programme Manager at
Could I move to another engineering centre during the programme (i.e. the Isle of Wight, Sweden, North America or India)?
Within the 18 month rotational programme and for those who are interested in pursuing a career overseas there are options available to graduates on the Programme to visit other sites on a short placement.

GKN Aerospace also encourages all employees to work overseas and take up secondments in various locations across the world. 
Will I get a chance to travel?

There are many traveling opportunities, from a very short term basis to a long term basis during the 18 month programme. The majority of our graduates visit and work at various locations away from their home site on a frequent basis and so being adaptable to change and being flexible is a must. During the programme, many of our graduates visit and/or work at locations away from their home site. The placement structure means that you may have the opportunity to work with customers and suppliers, which will give you an insight into their needs and requirements, and may include international travel
What salary can I expect to receive?

The starting salary for graduates is £26,000.
Benefits will depend on your country of hire. To give an example, in the UK you will receive:
  • ​You are brought on as a permanent employee and so you will have guaranteed job upon completion of the 18 month programme
  • Membership in the company pension scheme which is highly competitive
    25 days holiday per year plus bank holidays
  • 37 hour working week. This is also on a flexible basis which is encouraged in order to get a good work- life balance in order.
  • Lunchtime finish on a Friday is also hugely popular for all employees
    Gym memberships
  • Health insurance and benefits